Quality: By way of logic.

The people of Quogic have been developing high quality software solutions for as long as 34 years. Recently, we have been specializing in compliance monitoring and software auditing. We now provide expert witness services in all aspects of computer science. Ron Schnell (see below) has served as an expert in two high profile cases and several other civil and criminal cases.

Who we are.

Quogic was started by Ron Schnell, who has been programming large scale, real time production systems since 1979. Through his work for Bell Labs, IBM, Sun Microsystems, the US Government, and others, he has gained a reputation as one who can realistically assess a situation and recommend and implement solutions. He has had three startup companies, and ran the organization ordered to be formed by the US Courts for the sole purpose of monitoring Microsoft for their compliance with the Final Judgment in the US v Microsoft case of 1998. He was granted powers akin to a special master for this case.

In addition, Quogic has access to tens of programmers and managers who are personally known to the company. These people combine for close to 1,000 man-years of experience programming large scale, real time production systems to meet formal software engineering standards.

Contact us.

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